How to beautify your home in 5 simple steps?

Your home is where your life is, so it is but natural for you to want to make it look beautiful. There are many ideas on how to beautify your home but here are some most simple and most easy ideas to beautify your home:

1. Enliven your living area: You can enliven your living area by keeping the fresh flowers on the side table or the centre table and letting the natural light and wind to come in for a fresh and natural feel. You can put some wind chimes on the windows or the entrance door for an additional effect. Your living area can be decorated with candles and you can also put essential oil diffuser to add fragrance.

2. Add decor to your bathroom: Add a touch of class to your bathroom by changing the lighting. You must use LED lighting fixtures as they not only save energy they add to the brightness of your bathroom. You should also paint your bathroom in a light colour to make it look spacious, a touch of white or cream is just perfect for that clean look. Also, if the space allows try to let the natural light come in through a window for it to look clean and bigger. Let your towels be displayed to add to the luxurious look.

3. Put plants in your veranda or balcony: You can make a veranda or balcony garden by growing plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, chilly, and gourd etc. It looks good and adds glory to your balcony by making it into your kitchen garden. You can also put other plants like palms, rubber plant, asparagus etc. for that extra beauty. Besides, you can also opt for some flower plants like rose, jasmine, and mogra for that extra beauty and it would also enhance the ambiance with its sweet smell.

4. Use different curtains in each room: Curtains add luxury to your rooms. They make the space look bigger and give it a cozy feel. For adding more beauty to your home you can add different curtains in each room according to the colour of your walls.

5. Keep it clean: When it comes to your home, beauty begins with cleanliness. No matter how much you spend on your home and how much you decorate it with expensive furniture and accessories if it is not clean, it is not going to look beautiful. So make sure you make your home clutter free. To keep it clutter free you must ensure that you make your bed, clean up the floor, and clean up all your tables and countertops for a spic-and-span look.
We at Creativebuild wish you to enjoy the beautiful look of your home with these simple yet innovative ideas.

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